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Our program in English. Summary

10 points for Bertrange

Gréng wierkt!


1)     Affordable place for everybody

Ø  By creating rented housing at lower prices

Ø  By taking into account other forms of cohabitation, such as a multi-generational home or participatory housing


2)     More citizen participation at major projects

Ø  We suggest organizing citizen meetings and workshops on larger projects of the municipality

Ø  Realization of more transparency through the introduction of the live stream at local council meetings and adaptation of communal communication to the linguistic situation of the population


3)     A better mobility plan

Ø  Suggestion of consistent implementation of the speed and mutual cooperation in shared space

Ø  Introduction of an obligatory parking vignette

Ø  Extension and cross-linkage of existing bicycle paths


4)     Renewable energy sources

Ø  Promotion of ecological settlement projects

Ø  By setting up collective photovoltaic systems on municipal buildings

Ø  By replacing progressively and reasonably the actual municipal transport vehicles with electric vehicles


5)     More green surfaces

Ø  By creating close to nature green areas and parks

Ø  Connection of the green areas in and outside of the village

Ø  Re-naturalization of the upper Péitruss


6)     Support children outside school

Ø  We initiate the creation of a platform for help with homework and care for sick children


7)     Extension of our offer for young people


Ø  Establishment of a Youth Council of young people between 12 and 17 years old

Ø  We will ensure to support the Youth Center with qualified personnel


8)     Helpdesk for elder people

Ø  Creation of a Helpdesk for older people for administrative or computer aided services

Ø  Introduction of  a permanent care for the inhabitants of the homes for elderly persons  that belong to the municipality of Bertrange


9)     Integration of the foreign citizens

Ø  Creation of an Office of Integration with a responsible Integration Officer


10)  Vitalization of our town center

Ø  For larger projects in the town center, we take into consideration the necessary infrastructure for small shops, groceries or other trades

Ø  Introduction of a weekly market

Ø  Increase of the social cohabitation in the peripheral town areas